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Thank you for your interest in Washington Seed Potatoes.

Washington State Seed Potatoes are grown with care to supply our customers with the best possible product available. 

We have these reasons why your decision to use Washington Seed Potatoes is the best one for your farming program:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture inspects every seed lot twice during the growing season and again while being graded for shipping. Our certification program uses a limited generation system, which means starting tissue culture seed stock every year and flushing out the later (older) generations. This encourages vigorous growth of cleaner seed to keep your yields at a maximum. 

Location, location, location! We are literally on the Pacific Rim and are able to export out of various ports of call. Our growers have experience in exporting seed potatoes to Central and South America. 

Western Washington has an isolation district where all potatoes must be certified in that growing area. 

Our temperate climate allows one growing season. Our cold winters help decrease insects. 


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Washington State Seed Potatoes are the better choice.